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The year 2016 marks the centenary of the death of Emperor Franz Joseph, who ruled over the Austrian Empire for almost seven decades. Ascending the throne at the age of eighteen, he gradually came to symbolize the Danube Monarchy as a unifying figurehead. However, his policies left many of the multi-national empire’s problems unresolved and contributed in the long run to its decline and fall.


The catalogue focuses on the life and person of the emperor in all their different facets: as private individual and passionate sportsman, as statesman and military commander, and as husband and father. Lavishly illustrated, the catalogue boasts a wealth of essays by renowned scholars reflecting the latest state of research on the ‘eternal emperor’.




Emperor Franz Joseph 1830-1916
ISBN 978-3-85033-990-2 (German)
ISBN 978-3-85033-998-8 (English)
€ 34.00
24,2 x 30 cm
352 pp, c. 450 illustrations

Brandstätter Verlag


The catalogue is avalaible at all four locations of the exhibition or directly online including a stylish carrier bag.

Franz Joseph Katalog Softcover